From The Desk of The Post 141 Adjutant

The Post Adjutant keeps membership records and minutes of meetings, assists the work of other officers and committees, and publishes official orders, announcements and instructions. The adjutant's office is the conduit for communication with all levels of the organization and a hub for all post activities.

Dear Post 141 members;

As you maybe aware, there is still uncertainty regarding our return to ‘normal’.

Recently, our membership has been asked to nominate candidates for our governing board. Sincere thanks to all for the show of support received.

However, please be advised that the decision to ‘roll’ forward the current board membership indefinitely has been made. This decision is due to the impact of the current public health crisis. It is intended to protect the health and safety of our members; has been suggested by numerous members; has been recommended by district and national in order to support their reporting requirements; and is an approach common to other posts our size.

Once we open up for business, we will address all issues associated with board composition.

Additionally, please forward this information to any member you may be aware of not on this distribution list.

Thank you for your support

American Legion Post 141 Board of Directors


Greg Morgan
Post 141 Adjutant